Wendy Hyde

My work is Abstract Expressionist. I paint not what I see of the visible world, but how I feel it to be. It is not a literal description of a place, but a feeling of a place and how one is effected by that environment.My inspiration comes from the Landscape, Skyscape, Seascape, music that I listen to Classical, blues soul, jazz or colours that I see in every day life.

I like to work on a large scale when possible, as this gives me more freedom of movement and allows me to be experimental. My preferred medium is oil on canvas or paper. The paintings are allowed to happen to come into being. I have two styles of painting. My 'Colourfleld' paintings, part of the Abstract Expressionst movement where overall consistency of form and process is prime, and colour is the subject itself. My second style is the strength of the mark, working with knifes, rags and brushes. Sometimes the marks are made with rapid expressive movements, other times more gentle, depending on subject matter and feeling. Artists that inspire me are Willem de Kooning for the fluidity of the paint and the power of the brushstrokes, Mark Rothko whose colours enfold you in a vast smothering embrace and Rembrandt for his deep understanding of how to paint flesh, especially knees! J.M.W. Turner for his magical light in the landscape.

I work presently at home in the West Midlands and paint full time. Previously exhibiting work at the Knapp Gallery Regents College, Regents Park, London N.W.I . My work was critiqued while on show at the Knapp Gallery by Professor Dr Maurice Cockrill (RIP) of the Royal Academy, and I am honoured to say he 'admired my work'. My work was shown on 'Ugly House to Lovely House' Channel 4 George Clarke, on Thursday 14th March 2019.

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