Gerard Tunney

A lot of my work is influenced by experiences of living along the North East coast so the imagery focuses on seascapes, yachts, marinas etc. and the sea is central to my work's development. There is a strong maritime tradition in Sunderland which of course is most famous for its shipbuilding industry. Sunderland was also the host of the tall ships race and this activity is also reflected in the various races and sailing clubs along the coast. I am also a frequent visitor to other sailing locations, particularly on the South coast which this has been a strong influence on my paintings.

I am fascinated by the combination of light and movement and also the various rhythms and counter-rhythms of the sea, and these contrasts are what drive my paintings towards their final resolution. Most of my paintings are acrylic on canvas which combines the spontaneity of watercolour with the sturdiness of oil paint. Acrylic dries fairly quickly so that I can generate an immediacy within the work as it progresses. So the paintings retain the element of freshness that I am always trying to capture. These technical experiences have enabled me to participate in demonstration classes for magazines, books, workshops etc. I have shown widely across the U.K. but mostly across the  South and London galleries. I studied for my Master's degree at the University of Northumbria but I lived in Cambridgeshire for a number of years and I frequently travel to London and Europe and this also has been a major influence on my work.

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