Valko Gaydarov 1937-2009

Valko Gaydarov was born on January 27, 1937 in Devin town. In 1964 he graduated in Painting from the National Academy of Arts under the supervision of Prof. Nenko Balkanski. The same year Gaydarov founded the art gallery in Smolyan town and a couple of years later he became its director and held that position until 2003. Being a master of landscapes he painted not so much nature, as the emotion of it. His watercolors are free of the simple description of common visibility – they turn the paper into an allegory of emotions and inner beauty. A main motif in his work are the Rhodope Mountains. He was awarded the Orders of Sts. Cyril and Methodius – 3rd and 1st degree, and Red Banner of Labor – 1st degree.

Participations in representative exhibitions of Bulgarian art

1974 - Czechoslovakia
1975 - Poland
1985 - Germany
1990 - England
1990 - Greece
1991 - Vl-th International Arts Fair in Olympia Hall, London
1992 - Spain
1993 - Japan, Tokio - 50 Bulgarian Painters

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