Richard Lannowe Hall

Richard Lannowe Hall

Richard Lannowe Hall studied at Guildford College of Art, North East London College of Art and the Royal Academy of Art, and has painted and exhibited regularly since then, with inclusions in the RA summer shows. He moved to Cornwall in 1996 where his love of sailing is reflected in his seascapes.

"Sailing is a huge influence on my work and life. I am in love with the visual world around me. What the light defines, what I see around me has an intense fascination for me. All my senses are stimulated by what I see; this changes my feelings, & thinking. It is, I believe, a spiritual process. My spirit is enhanced."

Until recently (summer 2021) Richard lived and worked in Cornwall for six months of the year and spent the rest of the time sailing (he would often paint from a platform in the stern of his boat). He has now taken a break from painting in order to write and travel (Spain and Morocco being his favoured destinations).

He has exhibited regularly in Cornwall and the south-west of England:

  • Variety of mixed shows and one man shows, mostly in Cornwall
  • 2001 - Two person show at  The Tolcarne Newlyn  2001
  • 2002 - Work included by The Royal Society Of Marine Artists, Falmouth
  • 2002/3 - Work included  St. John’s Ambulance exhibition, Truro.
  • 2003 - One man Exhibition Dick The Dog, Penzance
  • 2003 - Mixed show Alpha Gallery
  • 2004 - Mixed show Great Atlantic Map Gallery
  • 2005 - Two person show Fowey River Gallery
  • 2005 - Exhibited with Brian Sinfield Gallery, Burford, Oxon
  • 2006 - Affordable art Fair.  Water colours at the Royal College Chelsea Art Fair.
  • 2006 - One man shows; Waterside Gallery, St. Ives / Cove Quay, Salcombe
  • 2007/8 - Mixed shows; Brian Sinfield Gallery / Rostra, Bath; Affordable Art fair / Plymouth  RASA / Medici Gallery, Cork street / Cove Quay, Salcombe
  • 2017/18 - Lizard Art Mixed Show and Penwith Fine Art, St.Ives.

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