Denys Law (1907-1981)

Denys Maurice Orlando Prideaux Law was born in Pangbourne in Berkshire, the son of an architect but his parents separated when he was quite young and he lived for a while with his mother and sister in Quimper in Brittany. He was educated at St Petroc's School, Rock in North Cornwall, which was owned by a Miss Vivian who had a house in Lamorna. His family probably holidayed with her in Lamorna in these early years. He trained as an electrical engineer at Faraday House and worked in the Home Counties during WWII. After the war, he moved down to Lamorna and took up painting full time, supplementing his income with a variety of odd jobs including fishing, copperwork, carving wood and making furniture, whilst his wife used a loom to weave textiles. He was greatly influenced by the leaders of the Lamorna artistic community, namely Samuel John Lamorna Birch and Stanley Horace Gardiner.

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