Stanhope Alexander Forbes (1857-1947)

Stanhope Forbes settled in Newlyn in 1884 and stayed for the rest of his life, he is widely regarded as the leader of the movement. Born in Dublin, his father was the manager of the Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland and his mother was French. He was sent to Dulwich College and in 1876 to the Royal Academy Schools. In 1880 he visited Paris and attended Bonnat’s studio and in 1881 he visited Brittany where he was to paint over the next few years in the ‘plein air’ style. In January 1884 Forbes arrived in Newlyn, where he joined fellow artists Walter Langley, Thomas Gotch and Ralph Todd. In 1890 he was invited to join the St Ives Art Club, alomg with his wife Elizabeth, and fellow Newlyn artists Thomas and Caroline Gotch. In 1899 he and Elizabeth founded a painting school in Newlyn ‘for the student who wishes to learn how seriously to study painting and drawing according to the recent development in English art’. The school’s students formed the nucleus of the second generation of Newlyn painters.

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