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Lamorna artists include Samuel John 'Lamorna' Birch, Laura and Harold Knight, Alfred Munnings, Thomas Gotch, Robert and Eleanor Hughes, Frank and Jessica Heath, Benjamin Leader, Algernon Newton, Garnet Ruskin Wolseley, Charles and Ella Naper, Richard Weatherby, John Noble Barlow, Charles and Ruth Simpson, Stanley Horace Gardiner, Charles H Thompson, Denys Law, Elizabeth "Mornie" Birch, Marlow Moss, John Armstrong, John Tunnard and many more.

Jonathan Smith's popular novel "Summer in February", based on the love triangle of Alfred Munnings, Gilbert Evans and Florence Carter-Wood, has done much to raise awareness of the Lamorna colony of artists. It was made in to a film starring Dan Stevens. The film was shot during January and February 2012 and released in 2013.

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