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It was the extension of the Great Western Railway to West Cornwall in 1877 which brought many artists to Cornwall. The St Ives Art Club was formally founded in 1890. The first foray into forming the club began in 1888 and meetings took place in Louis Grier’s studio. The first President was Adrian Stokes who was married to the artist Marianne Stokes. Other founding members include Sir John Arnesby Brown, Sir Leslie Stephen, Adrian Strokes and W Titcomb.  In 1890 letters were sent to the community inviting them to membership. Mr and Mrs. Stanhope Forbes, the Newlyn artists, accepted and their names appear at the top of the page of the first meeting. Also active during this period was Julius Olsson who ran the Cornish School of Landscape, Figure and Sea Painting in the town, first with Louis Grier and subsequently with Algernon Talmage. St Ives is renowned for it's modernist painters, but the story of art in the town is so much deeper than the version offered by many commentators, who generally begin the story with the apocryphal "discovery" of Alfred Wallis by Ben Nicholson and Christopher Wood! Of course, "the moderns" who included Peter Lanyon and Roger Hilton, played a pivotal role in the history of St Ives art but their development was a progression encouraged and championed by artists such as Robert Borlase Smart, Leonard Fuller and Marjorie Mostyn rather than the dawn of a new movement. The contemporary art scene in the town continues to thrive and includes artists such as Eric Ward, John Emanuel and Linda Weir.

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