Traditional Cornish Art

The history of Cornish art is both fascinating and complex, given the huge number of influential artists who visited the county, either fleetingly or on a more permanent basis.

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View Another World (1948, BFI National Archive) a fascinating film featuring several of the established artists of the day.

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A Newlyn Fisherman by Henry...


A Newlyn Fisherman by Henry Meynell Rheam

A super painting by the renowned Newlyn watercolourist.

45 x 61cms, signed.

Presented in a wood frame with gilt slip which has some flaws and signs of wear (would benefit from re-framing).

On the Coast near Lamorna,...


On the Coast near Lamorna, circle of Harold Harvey (1874-1941)

A wonderful, large painting depicting a conversation between a fisherman and two ladies. The granite rock forms suggest a location around Lamorna. The painting is of a very high quality and it is well presented in a heavy gilt frame.

The painting is unsigned and there are no clear clues to it's authorship. It is in the manner of Harold Harvey.

Oil on canvas, 22" x 36"

A Moonlit Sailing Ship by...


A Moonlit Sailing Ship by Rodney Charman

Oil on canvas, signed, 16" x 20"


Rodney Charman is a British painter who specialises in marine art scenes. He first began painting at the age of 21 and his early works depicted scenes featuring horses, before his love of sailing saw him specialise in maritime art. He was commissioned to create a series of paintings depicting the marine history of Nantucket, which were collected in the book Portrait of Nantucket, 1659-1890: The Paintings of Rodney Charman in 1989. These works are on permanent display at the Egan Maritime Institute and the Coffin School in Nantucket. Meanwhile, paintings from his 1996 book The Famine Ships were used to create a major exhibition at the South Street Seaport Museum, New York two years after its publication. His work has also featured at the annual London exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists on numerous occasions.