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Sherry Edmondson

I live and work in Hampshire from a small studio in the garden.  When my career as a successful ceramic restorer   reached a climax I made a welcome return to full time painting, completing a period of study with The Open College of the Arts to refresh my techniques.

Working with acrylic based mixed media, using bold gestural marks and impasto to suggest mood and create visual and tactile interest, I like my paintings to be an authentic expression of something personally felt and witnessed. I see the landscape as a mass of merging colour, there is a thrilling and rippling sensuality in natural textures, shadows and reflections made by seasonal changes and light are endlessly fascinating.

Using impasto and making bold gestural marks to suggest mood and create visual and tactile interest, the exploration of my themes is an intuitive response to the changing landscape.

The natural environment is the essential source of inspiration for my landscape and abstract paintings. Reflective study, memory, sketches, photographic images and written notes are all a supportive  part of  my  creative process.

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