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Stuart Gordon

Stuart was born in the South Wales valleys in the 1980s and grew up with an awesome sister and amazingly supportive parents of  Yorkshire and Scottish heritage. Creative and individual while growing up in the small town of Maesteg, Stuart had some  fantastic teachers in his school years. Art classes were a much-needed outlet for creativity and expression. Stuart gained a foundation in Art and design, attending UWIC, Cardiff, exploring and developing skills in photography, graphic design and fine art. Blinkered by the expectation to continue on to a degree, Stuart moved to Hull, East Yorkshire to study media and television design, finding himself  totally out of his comfort zone. Some flashes of creativity captured the attention of tutors and classmates an times, but focus dwindled, creating artworks in his own time, taking photos, punctuating life events and finding a group of like minded people. University took a back seat to a different kind of creativity, self-taught, working in kitchens in wedding catering in his teens, combined with an enthusiasm for the creative nature and fast pace saw a stint  in professional kitchens, country pubs and  music venues, meeting and catering for musicians and artists in regular events. Stuart has Shown a variety of work in local gallery’s over the years and now focuses mainly on painting a variety of subjects, having returned to Wales. 

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