Born from a Crisis...

Sims Gallery Online was a concept at the back of my mind for some time during "semi-retirement". However the catalyst, the event that triggered the decision to act and launch the gallery was the awful Coronavirus pandemic. The changes that this situation will impose on an already-changing art market will, in my opinion be significant. I have for some time been concerned by the recent decline in the market for traditional art, and the absurd "bubble" in the modern art market brought on by the 'investment potential'. As Alfred Munnings once so aptly said “paintings are to enrich our immediate environs... to give pleasure and fond memories".

Leon Suddaby

Sims Gallery was founded by Leon some forty years ago, and he continues to oversee the business today - despite several attempts to retire in recent years!

Leon came to Cornwall in the late 1970's and was one of a very small number of art dealers to re-launch traditional Newlyn and St Ives art, which until then had lost momentum and was not considered commercial. The rest, as they say, is history.

Leon ran successful galleries in Penzance, St Ives and Marazion, and once famously took up a challenge from his great friend, Terry Frost, who he went on to represent in one of the most successful artist-dealer relationships in the annals of Cornish art history.

Given it's Cornish roots, the Sims online gallery naturally has a strong Cornish flavour, but is open to artists from all corners of the UK and beyond. The stated mission is to feature and promote the work of multiple artists, working in a variety of mediums and styles, and to offer high-quality affordable art to a wide audience.

If you are an artist and would like to join the gallery please see our Selling page.