At Sims Gallery Online our aim is to promote the work of artists to the widest possible audience.

We have decades of experience in the art market and are aware of how it has changed significantly in the last few years.

Our "quest" is to effectively represent talented, independent artists in the digital age.

One of our principal concerns is to avoid becoming another one of the over-crowded "portals", with far too many artists and artworks, many of which can only really be described as decorative works.

We want to represent talented, independent artists in a way which provides a genuine path towards broader recognition, and this can only be achieved by limiting the number of artists.

Of course, an online gallery with a well-defined structure and search facility can easily and effectively represent several hundred artists, but to allow many thousands of artists to join and upload their own content is, we believe, the wrong direction.

We ask artists to submit their works to us by email, and we then prepare and list the artworks ourselves. This is an important aspect as it creates a tangible link between ourselves and the individual artist.

Our ambition is to become the online venue where art buyers will view the work of many artists, and find that special artwork.

"we want to make the gallery/art as inclusive as possible and offer something for every taste and budget".

We work on a 30% commission, so 70% to the artist plus the cost of postage.

What we need from you:

We require details of artworks which are AVAILABLE for us to offer for sale, full details of same (title, medium, size, suggested retail price) and your CV/Biog (see below).

We ask artists to inform us if a work becomes unavailable so we can remove it from the website or mark it as sold.

When we facilitate a sale we will inform you and provide the buyer's name and address. We will ask you to pack and post the artwork within two working days and will then make full payment (65% of the sale price plus postage) within 14 days of delivery (the 14 day customer return period is a legal requirement).

We would love to have you on-board and if you’d like to submit some work we’d be delighted to see it.

To recap we would require:

⦁ Artworks - high resolution images preferred.

⦁ If you offer a work framed - please send images with/without frame.

⦁ Details of each artwork, title, description, medium, size.

⦁ Your biography and optional photo.

Please feel free to email images and info at any time to

Sims Gallery Online