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April 2020

Born from a Crisis...

Sims Gallery Online was a concept at the back of my mind for some time during "semi-retirement". However the catalyst, the event that triggered the decision to act and launch the gallery was the awful Coronavirus pandemic. The changes that this situation will impose on an already-changing art market will, in my opinion be significant. I have for some time been concerned by the recent decline in the market for traditional art, and the absurd "bubble" in the modern art market brought on by the 'investment potential'. As Alfred Munnings once so aptly said “paintings are to enrich our immediate environs... to give pleasure and fond memories".

Leon Suddaby

So many galleries will be unable to open their doors again as they will not be able to afford to do so. I’m afraid the roll of the art dealer/ gallery owner might now be a thing consigned to history. A totally new way, the virtual gallery will, I believe, be the way forward.

So, we produced the website (thanks to inewmedia for their on-going support with this) and put out a call on social media to ALL artists... and the response has been excellent.

The gallery is 'live' whilst we add inventory, and we plan to promote and launch it from May 2020.

Ebb and Flow, by Christine Brunnock

Ebb and Flow, by Christine Brunnock

We're delighted to welcome all new artists and will be listing works on a daily basis. The above painting is one of a series of super seascapes, this by the St Ives based artist Christine Brunnock.

And a special thanks to our old friend Eric Ward, who is busy painting specially for us, the first couple have been listed and more are to follow!

West Pier at St Ives harbour by Eric Ward

West Pier at St Ives harbour by Eric Ward

We are delighted to include works by William Oxer FRSA

Over the past 25 years, William has undertaken regular portrait commissions for private clients and produced artworks for exhibitions and collectors across the world.

The PreRaphaelite by William Oxer FRSA

The PreRaphaelite by William Oxer FRSA

Have you tried it yet?

Sims Gallery Art Placer

Try on your wall - this will allow you to upload a photo of your room/wall and position the artwork on it. You'll be able to move the artwork around and save and/or share the final image.

View in a room - this will allow you to see the artwork in a room setting, move it around and save and/or share the final image.

Try the Art Placer demonstration here and hone your art-hanging skills!