Daughter of the Wind by Elizabeth Sadler

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Daughter of the Wind by Elizabeth Sadler

Daughter of the Wind, Japanese Anemone Flowers

These flowers are both delicate and strong, they bend in the breeze, able to withstand much buffeting and stand tall and ethereal in the summer sunlight. It is said that anemone -Greek for Daughter of the Wind was a beautiful nymph caught in a love triangle. She was turned into a flower by Chloris, the scorned wife of Zephyr. Zephyr then lost interest in her. One of the four wind gods, Boreas then fell in love with her, but Anemone wasn’t interested, so every spring he angrily blows open her petals, fading them prematurely. I wanted to express the simple yet classic lines of this beautiful flower in a botanical watercolour.

This watercolour is unmounted and unframed Paper size is 42 cm x 30cm.

It will be carefully and securely flat packaged and dispatched promptly upon notice of the order.

Issued with a Certificate of Authenticity

The painting has my signature on the front, along with the name of the flower.