Enchanted Sea Dragon by Elizabeth Sadler

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Enchanted Sea Dragon by Elizabeth Sadler

This Oil painting of a Leafy Seadragon was such a pleasure to paint. This tiny creature of the ocean is exquisite and poignantly even more vulnerable than it appears. With a long face like a horse, they have an almost mythical appearance, but are far from immortal as none of the seahorse family are strong swimmers and they often die during storms. They excel at camouflage and many can change colors to hide themselves in their natural underwater surroundings. There are declining numbers as these creatures are used in Asian herbal medicines. Bizarrely, for seahorses, leafy and weedy sea dragons and even pipefish — a relative — males are responsible for childbearing.

Painted using alla prima technique with a combination of brush and palette knife .

Oil Painting

Size; 24 x 18 inches

Materials; Winsor & Newton professional Oil Paints and liquid metal acrylic.

The 100% pure cotton stretched canvas has been gesso primed and the painting lightly varnished with Winsor & Newton Picture Varnish. The sides are painted black and the work can be hung unframed. Picture hanging fittings are in place.

Certificate of Authenticity signed by myself accompanies each original. Painting is carefully packed and dispatched promptly on notice of the order.