Purple Emperor Butterfly by Elizabeth Sadler

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Purple Emperor Butterfly by Elizabeth Sadler

This is a small watercolor and ink work that is part of a series of butterflies rare as well as commonplace, found in the British Isles.I have adored and been fascinated with these beautiful and ethereal insects as a child and their magic never fades.

The Purple Emperor declined steadily during the twentieth century and is now restricted to some of the larger woods in southern England. There has been a recent slight re-expansion in some areas. Restricted to large woods in southern England where they spend much of their time in the treetops. Females resemble the White Admiral but have an orange-ringed eyespot under the forewing. Goat Willow (Salix caprea) is the most widely used foodplant although it breeds on Grey Willow (S.cinerea) and more rarely Crack- Willow (S. fragilis). Eggs are laid on a wide range of tree sizes, ranging from medium-sized shrubs to tall canopy trees.

Winsor & Newton and Schmincke watercolour paints on Fabriano watercolour paper

Painting size; 4.75'' x 6.75'', Total size with white mount; 8.25'' x 12''

Certificate of Authenticity signed by myself accompanies each original