Spotlight on Kerhys Farley
Posted by      26/09/2020     Contemporary Art
Spotlight on Kerhys Farley
Featuring a gallery of affordable paintings by Kerhys.
Kerhys was born in Lancashire and now lives and works in the East Midlands. Without the means to study abroad formally, Kerhys seeks out and fully immerses herself into whatever educational opportunities she can find. Through this self-directed teaching, she discovered the “alla prima” method of painting with oils. Also known as direct painting, alla prima involves the layering of wet paint onto wet paint, allowing Kerhys to work with intent and intuition without being consumed by perfection or unnecessary details. This method of painting incubates the artist in the process, bringing awareness to the truth of the subject in the moment it is being painted. This truth manifests in an atmosphere which creates space for the viewer to experience within their own narrative.

Pictured: The Calling by Kerhys Farley. 12 x 16 inch original landscape oil painting on wood. This painting is based on a walk taken in Kerhys's hometown of Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire and was then painted 'alla prima' or 'all at once' in her home studio.

To see all of Kerhys's work click here.

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